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About Digital Art / Hobbyist RUAM_ONE"ねおまる!"Male/Japan Recent Activity
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ROCKARMS(ARMSxMEGAMAN) by NE0MARU ROCKARMS(ARMSxMEGAMAN) :iconne0maru:NE0MARU 17 6 Katyusha vs Megaman play movie by NE0MARU Katyusha vs Megaman play movie :iconne0maru:NE0MARU 9 3 Motette the Nano's OC(drawing rec) by NE0MARU Motette the Nano's OC(drawing rec) :iconne0maru:NE0MARU 12 2 Voxel  Pixel (Russia) by NE0MARU Voxel Pixel (Russia) :iconne0maru:NE0MARU 16 8 Insomni ARMS by NE0MARU Insomni ARMS :iconne0maru:NE0MARU 13 7 Anima the scarecrow by NE0MARU Anima the scarecrow :iconne0maru:NE0MARU 13 0 Thank you very much by NE0MARU Thank you very much :iconne0maru:NE0MARU 12 2 Kat russian armor and partner robo Galop by NE0MARU Kat russian armor and partner robo Galop :iconne0maru:NE0MARU 9 4 Valkyrie style Katyusha by NE0MARU Valkyrie style Katyusha :iconne0maru:NE0MARU 27 8 BOB_era 2xxx! by NE0MARU BOB_era 2xxx! :iconne0maru:NE0MARU 17 6 Sunset girl by NE0MARU Sunset girl :iconne0maru:NE0MARU 9 2 Ready to prepare 2 by NE0MARU Ready to prepare 2 :iconne0maru:NE0MARU 20 4 Ready to prepare by NE0MARU Ready to prepare :iconne0maru:NE0MARU 11 4 katyusya(mspaint ver) by NE0MARU katyusya(mspaint ver) :iconne0maru:NE0MARU 10 2 Katyusya sprite(sample make) by NE0MARU Katyusya sprite(sample make) :iconne0maru:NE0MARU 6 5 FEATHER(Othello) by NE0MARU FEATHER(Othello) :iconne0maru:NE0MARU 14 13




NE0MARU's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Hello.My name is NE0MARU, from Japan.
I like megaman, Nice to meet you!
Prease be my artfriend. I'll take it easy XD

(I do not know yet about Method of deviantart.
I can not speak & read english well. but please add comment! so reply back as soon as possible!)

I am not going to be smart, but can I talk you some notices?

・ How many request NE0maru can draw?
>1)Only Megaman OCs who made by yourself.
2)One request per person.(There are exceptions.)
3)I wouldn't do two things at the same time, one by one.
Please wait for your turn with a pounding heart.

・ Condition (A sex, age, country,message can be used.)
>All are welcome odd or even.
If you want "me" to draw.(Not "anybody", I'll be sad.)

・ The thing which is poor at writing it.
>Background, real human, hand,and painting.

・ The method of the request
>By the comment, message,notes.^^

・ How long can NEOMARU almost do it in?
>I don't know, but ASAP.

・Does it cost?
>No. It's free. Feel free to ask me requests.
(If I have to choose one, it would be glad if you could draw my OCs after

I draw.^^)

・ Reference illustration
>Basic is a pencil drawing on paper.
Please check it up my gallery.

I knew that tonight. wow great...!

April Challenge - Cutting tatami with a Rapier - YouTube…
embedded_item1496337331931 by NE0MARU


Thanks friends!
I made a OC Katyusha's movie.
Please check it:D
Thanks, thanks again...!
boberatu sparx1lithum
Katyusha vs Megaman play movie

This movie custom made by me, ne0maru.
[Rockman7 FC is made by Japan hobbyrers.Thanks a lot.]
[Katyusha, as boss sprites made by boberaru Thanks!]
[Katyusha boss icon made by sparx1lithum Good job TNX;D]
Voxel Pixel (Russia)
They are OCs of me and my artfriend boberatu ideas."Voxel man and his younger sister Pixel woman"
Scaned image is here -->

They are working about build the apartment building.
Pixel makes dot-cube from her pop-hair.
Voxel converts cubes for block, like "Tetris". He have no "behind".(can rotates his arms and neck around his cube body.)

They are strong and tough to cold air. because they are Russian robots!

(picture: I studying Russia very hard) :D Russia is very interesting country. I love one!
Anima the scarecrow
*Kyahaha-! Whacha do'in!?
Come on baby?"
--- Anima, the wily girl can transform her own legs to motorcycle mode.And uses a papa(power asisst phyco arms) .
That shape like a scarecrow.
Megaman XoverContest art(My OCs.)
These are my OCs.
This illustration is posted to "Megaman XoverContest" at japan.
It Rejected, but these characters are stay in my heart.;)

Description: "Anima" The Anima is evil girl bot. Made by Dr, W... (Oops).
And "Super Mecha Dragon" The shape of dragon robot is repaired by Anima. Anima calls him "buddy!".

Anima is a motorcycle robot & assistant robot ,stay with Dr ,W...(Oops) .She is good at a mechanic.

But a sad accidents on her body at 
she's wearing  "PAPA(Power Assist Psychokinesis Arms".
So she've been amnesia, and Escape Dr's base.

Anima can hear voice what thinking voiceless bot's.
She repairs some ”
got thrown away bots" . And Resistance to human and robots that  getting along just fine.
Avator icon 2(Painted as Impressionists)
Anima,who made as 14 years old girl. she's exotic.
Thank you very much
I got a boss icon from sparx1lithum! from request.
So, I draw this ! with funny.
Thank you very much again.


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Hey, thanks for faving my most recent work(minus the edits). I does mean a lot to me.
NE0MARU Featured By Owner 10 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi your welcome. :) I love Heart-warming art everytime. please keep it up!
Bridge-Moon Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks for the watch! :)
NE0MARU Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Not at all. Let's Do the best you can! :D
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